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The Discover provides an economical, robust platform for heating sealed pressure vessels with the power of microwave energy. Access temperatures and pressures up to 300 °C and 20 bar for the highest purity synthetic results. Start with a basic system and add on more capabilities as you need.

10-mL sealed pressure vessels ideal for research chemistry and optional 80-mL vessels for scale up

Volume-independent, infrared temperature monitoring accurately measures temperature for reaction volumes from 0.2 to 60 mL with only two vessel sizes

Safety based pressure management technology automatically relieves excess pressure to prevent vial failures Variable speed magnetic stirring and rapid compressed air cooling

Upgrade options: gaseous reagent addition, sub-ambient temperature control, camera reaction monitoring, 80 mL reaction vessel, continuous flow chemistry, Intellivent pressure measurement/monitoring and open vessel option.


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Firma CEM Corp. (USA) je celosvětově respektovaná technologická společnost s nejdelší tradicí na trhu v oblasti vývoje a výroby laboratorních mikrovlnných systémů (od roku 1978)

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